Are you looking for the best mid-to-senior (45K +) level generalist HR talent? Would you like to work with someone who has spent 15 years in a senior HR role and 'gets it'? Someone who is network driven and flexible in uncovering the best HR talent for you. Someone with a consultative and knowledgeable approach.


The most talented Human Resources professionals aren't always going to be applying via job adverts or waiting around to be found on LinkedIn.  Finding the best HR talent means using a proactive approach. I'm building connections and utilising networks. I am growing my HR talent pool at this level and in the generalist space and meeting talent daily. I have access to and have existing relationships with passive candidates, who might just be the 'one' for you! 

A better approach to HR recruitment

  • I only partner with clients and candidates whose values align with mine and who want to form a lasting relationship.
  • I've worked as a senior HR professional. I get HR. I listen and can fully understand want you're looking for - I'm a specialist.
  • I'm well connected, and have been running an HR networking group with over 4,000 HR members for over eight years.
  • My passion is people and I'm meeting HR people everyday - it's what I love doing.
  • I know most of my candidates, often for many years from my active HR network.
  • I'm relationship driven, so only work with clients who want to form a lasting relationship
  • This is my business, so I'm not going anywhere. You don't have to worry about me joining another agency!

And the things I don’t do...

  • I don't operate based on silly KPI’s or sales targets - I have the ability to work how I feel is right.
  • I don't make false promises and don't 'over sell' opportunities to candidates.
  • I don't do the rates dance - I don't need to "go and agree it with my director".
  • I don't overpromise. I'd rather send you nobody, than candidates who don't fit.
  • I don't pester you with unnecessary phone calls and emails.


I work with you as a partner - an extension to your brand. You can be assured I will be promoting you ethically within the Human Resources community, committed to recruiting for you in an honest and credible way. 


If you're looking for new mid-to-senior generalist HR talent right now, or maybe you have a vacancy coming up, get in touch and lets have a chat (or a coffee!)