Employee engagement is a phrase we hear about on a regular basis these days, but what does it mean to your business?


Well, engaged, motivated and committed teams perform up to 147% more effectively than dis-engaged ones. (Gallup)


Employee Engagement is the level to which your employees feel they are working in an environment that enables them to:

  • Perform to their utmost capability

  • Engage with the goals and values of the business and how their role fits

  • Feel motivated to contribute to the joint success of the business

  • Be able to voice any views or concerns they may have

  • Be supported by their line managers and valued and appreciated for their input.


Employee engagement is not something that you can implement as a policy but comes about as a result of the behaviours and beliefs that you engender in your business.


When your teams understand the purpose and goals of the business, where they fit in and what they can do to support the delivery of them, they get engaged.  When they feel that their opinions are heard and valued, they get engaged.

When they know that they make a difference, either internally or externally, they get engaged.
So, what behaviours can you exhibit and encourage amongst your leadership team to create this positive culture?
  • Clarity around the purpose, goals and values of your business
  • Communication of the purpose, goals and values consistently across the business
  • Clarity around the behaviours you expect to see and examples to be set
  • Asking for feedback and opinions, hearing them and taking them onboard where relevant
  • Give feedback, help them learn and develop
  • Showing appreciation for a job well done – say thank you
These are all things that are cost effective to implement and can have a huge impact on your team’s performance.
Once you decide to try to increase your team’s engagement, make sure that you get the buy in at management level as they are the key to success. 

Bit more about Helen and ANPR Consulting:


Building on 15 years experience, ANPR Consulting Ltd brings strategic and technical expertise to organisations creating additional value on projects and solutions which will fuel growth and innovation.

My focus is on Growth, personal growth leading to business growth. Combining a training and coaching approach I help individuals at all levels to learn new skills and understand how they can apply them within their business. Working together over a period of time, I support them to gain confidence and courage to step outside their comfort zone and take actions that move them towards their goals.

Having spent 15 years in the highly competitive world of recruitment I bring a commercial and operational viewpoint to the business.

With 9 years Learning & Development experience, the majority of which were within Management Development, I can also add value to clients by supporting and delivering industry leading training programmes across a number of areas.


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